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Live Webcasting Scenario


    pk10时时彩平台出租 www.f5kzh.cn ADOBE “MAKE IT”


    Microsoft Tech Ed


    Amazon Global Selling


    TEDx Fuxing Park


    NIO Ep9 is Coming


    Christie's Auction

Webcasting Cloud Service for Enterprises

lexible and easy operation
Shared desktop, document,whiteboard,poll and survey
One-click to Start
All devices supported
7 out of 10 webcasted events in China are from vhall
Chinese and English real time captions

Audio and video interaction

Support overseas and Chinese
audio and video interaction
Private Class
Open Class
Enterprise Training

Webcasting Admins

Access authorization
Target invitation
Editing & recording
Revenue generation

Data Presentation

Graphical presentation of data analysis
Viewers behavior tracking

Multi-function API&SDK

Customize and manage the viewing experience for your audience or create your own Webcasting
applications with the Vhall Cloud platform and Application Programming Interfaces (API)
and Software Development Kits (SDK)


  • Live Webcasting Services & Solutions

    Education training live broadcast solutions

    Committed to the innovative development of education industry and building a new online learning model. Get rid of regional constraints and scale restrictions, and realize education resource redistribution and full utilization. Combination of live and on demand webcasting, audio and video communication, and interaction between teachers and students, covering large-scale online courses, small classes, 1 to 1 scenarios such as teaching, academic lectures, fully meet the education training institutions, customer training, in-house training needs.

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  • Live Webcasting Services & Solutions

    Medical live streaming solutions

    Committed to the medical and health industry entering the digital marketing fast track, building a new model of doctor training, medical exploration and knowledge sharing. Combination of live and on demand webcasting, all types of interactive video conference, information sharing between enterprises and customers, implement industry summit, physician training, and remote interrogation, VR surgical live and other innovation business form. Create an efficient medical and health industry operation model.

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  • Live Webcasting Services & Solutions

    Event webcasting solutions

    Support cameras, drones, VR and other devices. The professional service team provides you with exclusive solutions, including audience invitation before the meeting, live interaction of audio and video in the meeting, and overall settlement report after the meeting.

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A Brief History Of The Company

  1. Company incepted
    R&D Center established in
    Silicon Valley
  2. Implemented nationwide server
    and CDN network
    Supported all mainstream
  3. Participation coverage
    extended to all mobile
    devices i.e. iPad, iPhone,
  4. Set up branches in Shanghai,
    Nanjing, Guangzhou and Suzhou
    Round A funding from top VCs i.e.
    Lenovo Capital
  5. Received Top Tech Talent
    Promotion Project from Suzhou
    Industrial Park
  6. Round B funding led by
    top security company
  7. Set up branch in Shenzhen
    Accumulated over 2.5 M live
    webcasting for more than 60
    M viewers
  8. Round C funding by PE capital
    Completed 3.5+ M webcasting with
    10+ M viewers
  9. Round D funding
    Launched Vhall Cloud
    and Vhall Class
  • 9years
    Webcasting Experience
  • 120millions
    Business Audience
  • 4millions
  • 300+thousands

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Vhall is helping more than 250,000 businesses rushing into a new era
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    4. Health Care/Surgery
    5. Release conference
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